China Strategy Package

Do you have a China strategy?  Is your China strategy on track?  What is going right or wrong?

Often, the strategic plan is done at a high level, setting objectives that may or may not be realistic.  The plan is then pushed down to the working levels, who must come up with a tactical bridge to the numbers targeted from current levels – but this could be a “bridge to nowhere”.

VALUSHAR can perform a fundamental stress test on your China strategy (or Asia strategy, which it really should be).  Things we will look for, based on 8 years on-the-ground general management experience in China and 15+ years in Asia, include:

  • Degree of realism in the assumptions
  • Level of buy-in from key local managers
  • Level of buy-in from customers – how do they perceive your offer?
  • Where are your competitors going to attack you?  What is your “Trojan Horse” defense?
  • How sound is your supply base and your supply chain?  How cost effective?
  • Is your promotion strategy working?  How could you reach more targets quickly?
  • Are your key local managers capable enough to execute?  Where are the gaps, and how can they be corrected?
  • Is the plan resource-limited?  Would unfreezing some spending or hiring make for a vastly better outcome?  (See my March 2010 commentary on the dangers of cutting back too much in a growth market like China)
  • What are your contingency backstops for underperformance?  Should other markets, e.g. India, be targeted?

We are offering special promotional rates below our regular rates for new clients, please feel free to discuss with us.  Sample packages:

  • Bird’s eye strategy stress-test – talk with senior management team, analyze your written plans, generate a list of key questions/concerns – typically 2-3 days
  • Working level reality check – typically 4-6 days, involves our participation in a working meeting (eg. sales meeting) with local staff and conducting individual interviews with them
  • Deep-drill strategy validation - intensive work with your people and customers (or suppliers) in the field – length defined by objectives

China's growth continues to outshine in the slow global economy.  Make sure your company shares in that growth – start by stress-testing your strategy today!

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